Your New and Improved Connection Tree View

A good Trunited Marketer knows the only thing better than living life and getting paid through Trunited is helping others do the same.

However, as you start adding more and more connections (and racking up more and more connection points), maximizing points can get a little complicated. Which connections could use some guidance? Who are your most active shoppers? Which connections are just a move away from a real breakthrough?

Sometimes, it’s hard to see the forest for the trees.

That’s no longer a problem. We made the view of the trees better!

To check out your new and improved tree view, simply log in to your back office and head to MY TEAM > MY CONNECTION TREE

You’ll be able to enjoy an optimized connection tree view with a variety of new and exciting features designed to help you maximize your success with Trunited.

With this new connection tree view, you can:

1. Quickly switch between tree and compressed tree views

2. Search trees by name to easily view a team member’s group

3. Instantly see the rank and # of points each team member currently has

4. Adjust the # of levels of depth viewed at one time for easier tree management

5. Easily highlight and view 30+ Pointers, 100+ Pointers, and all ranks (Promoters, Pacesetters, etc.)

Here’s a tree with the 30+ Pointers highlighted in orange, which was simply done by checking the corresponding box at the top:

And here’s the non-compressed tree view. Inactive members are shown in light grey but can also be highlighted by selecting HIGHLIGHT INACTIVE MEMBERS.

With all the new features, there’s plenty of options with which to experiment. So  we’d suggest doing that the second this feature goes live(on 3/16/19). Enjoy, and keep racking up those connection points!